Faces of the Moon

621 3rd Street

Eureka, California


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A soothing 4oz blend of yarrow, calendula, and german chamomile hydrosols grown and distilled on the Lost Coast of California.

Radiance Hydrosol

  • This mist will leave you glowing, clear, and bright. This blend awakens your higher self and reminds you of our your bright light. Yarrow whispers fierce confidence, calendula soothes sweet melodies, and chamomile brings in soft magic. Yarrow is astringent and will help to remove excess dirt/bacteria from the pores, while being anti-bacterial, helping circulation, and helping to relax muscles. Calendula is gentle, soothing, and great with skin conditions. German Chamomile helps relax the muscles, helps relieve pain, is anti-inflammatory, and is relaxing for the nervous system.