Faces of the Moon

621 3rd Street

Eureka, California


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A grounding and extremely powerful 4oz blend of lavender, yarrow, and tulsi hydrosols grown and distilled on the lost Coast of California. 

Empower Hydrosol

  • This mist will leave you calm and centered while beaming your potent vibration. This trio reminds you of your magic, reminds you of your truth. Lavender brings joy while yarrow reminds us of our fierceness, and tulsi warmly holds the heart. Lavender is regenerative for sensitive skin, anti-inflammatory, great for burns, and calming. Yarrow is astringent and will help to remove excess dirt/bacteria from the pores, while being anti-bacterial, helping circulation, and helping to relax muscles. Tulsi is a warm herb that is antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral.